We know you're busy and finding time to stop into your polling place on a hectic Tuesday may be asking a bit much. We get it, it's a busy day for us too. That's why we're happy to offer you a convenient solution to that problem: early voting by mail. 

Am I eligible to vote by mail?

Yes! If you're registered to vote in Wyandotte County, then you are eligible to vote by mail. The only requirement is that you complete and submit a one-page application (PDF) for every election in which you want to vote by mail. 

How does voting by mail work?

Once you've submitted an application to our office, we'll set you up in our system to receive your ballot by mail. If you submit your application early (and we certainly recommend that you do), your ballot will be in our initial mailing, which happens about 20 days before Election Day. This will give you the longest period of time to receive your ballot, vote it and return it to our office. 

Your ballot package will include an official ballot, voting instructions, a return envelope and an "I voted" sticker to show off your early voting prowess. The most important pieces are the ballot and the return envelope. 

Your ballot

Your mailed paper ballot is identical to the one you would receive if you showed up in your polling place on Election Day. It is printed on special paper and has been tested to work with our optical scan ballot machines. If your ballot is torn or otherwise damaged during delivery, please contact us to receive a replacement. 

To vote your ballot, mark your choices by completely filling in the circles next to your preferred candidate's name or ballot choice. There are instructions printed on the ballot to help you with this process. If you make a mistake, don't worry. Simply contact our office to request a replacement ballot. 

When you have finished marking your ballot, place it in the provided return envelope.

Your return envelope

The return envelope provided with your ballot has been specially designed to help you provide us with all of the information that we need to count your ballot. Please carefully read and complete this envelope to ensure that your ballot can be counted. 

Here's a few things that are absolutely vital to remember:

  • Your ballot envelope must be signed. If you fail to sign your ballot, we will attempt to contact you to fix that problem, but your ballot cannot be counted if the envelope does not contain your signature. 
  • Your ballot must be sealed inside the return envelope when returned to our office. Even if you choose to deliver your ballot to our office yourself, it must be in our return envelope. 
  • If someone assists you in marking your ballot, please direct them to read and sign the affidavit of assistance on the back of the envelope. 
  •  You must apply postage if you plan to return your ballot by mail. 

How do I return my mailed early ballot?

You have two options for returning your ballot to our office:

By mail

Mail your ballot in the provided return envelope. The envelope is pre-addressed, but correct postage must be applied. Please allow adequate time for the postal service to deliver your ballot. 

By personal delivery to our office

You are welcome to deliver your ballot to our office at 850 State Avenue, Kansas City, KS. We are open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you have someone else deliver your ballot for you, you should write their name in the space provided and have them sign the affidavit of assistance. 

What is the deadline for returning my ballot?

Your ballot must be received in our office by 7 p.m. on Election Day. State law prohibits the counting of late ballots. If you plan to return your ballot by mail, please consider whether it will get to us before the deadline.